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Our tree spraying services are a very important aspect to the health of Edmond’s trees, and our tree company delivers quality results! We know full well that your property is a costly investment so it is imperative to keep your trees healthy and well maintained to allow them to mature to their full potential. Tree spraying prevents insect infestations and tree diseases to eliminate health risks to your entire land. Because our experts have years of experience servicing the greater Edmond area, we’ll ensure we perform tree spraying accurately for full coverage and optimal growth!

Leaving your trees untreated can lead to ruined and rotting trees that have been affected by unseen diseases and burrowing insects. Having our experts perform tree spraying can either correct the problem before it has time to spread to the rest of your trees, or prevent the infestation all together! Various spraying techniques are necessary to eliminate these problems and prevent against them ever developing in the first place:

  • First, we inspect the trees on your property for the presence of harmful insects, bacteria or diseases.
  • Then, assess the type of chemical needed to treat your trees – be it pesticides or insecticides, etc.
  • We carefully concoct a mix or appropriate amount to spray your trees
  • Our experts then spray the affected trees with just enough chemicals for accurate coverage

Our experienced tree spraying professionals have been protecting Edmond’s trees on residential and commercial properties with much success. We understand what is required to protect against various different problems that threaten Oklahoma’s arbors. We also know it is important to use chemicals that do not cause environmental or health problems. This attention to detail and quality of skill is not always present with amateur tree companies who simply do not have the level of expertise we have.

Protect Edmond’s Arbors With Tree Spraying, Tree Trimming, and More

Though tree spraying is an effective way to protect your trees from harmful pests all year long, we provide a full variety of services to maintain your trees and keep them healthy. Here are just a few that we offer:

…And more!

Whatever your tree care needs, your property will see vast improvement in look and health with our tree services! Tree spraying requires minimal effort on your part, so all you have to do is rely on our experts. Combine spraying with tree trimming and you’ll have your trees fully protected and able to grow to full maturity. Your trees will be the envy of the neighborhood once we’re done! What’s more is that we’ll perform these services at the most competitive prices in town!

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When it comes to professional tree services, you should know what to expect before you dive right in. We let you know exactly what price range to expect right up front with our 100% free service estimate! You can reach us via phone at (405) 757-0455, or email us at edmond@premieretreeservices.com, or by contacting us via the contact form. Our staff is available to answer any questions you might have about your proposed project. We take excellent care of your trees and excellent care of you!

We proudly serve the greater Edmond area and zip codes 73003, 73012, 73013, 73025, 73034, 73083, and beyond!


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