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If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your Edmond, Oklahoma property, consider our tree trimming services! Our certified arborists understand that your trees are a very important investment and reflect greatly on the overall value of your land. However, if unkempt and unmaintained trees can also lower your land value, present a safety risk, and cause them to suffer from infestation. Regular tree trimming performed by our experience tree company can quickly eliminate these risks and bring your trees to optimal health!

Our tree pruning professionals have been serving Edmond for years and understand what it takes to keep trees healthy and well maintained in Oklahoma’s environment. We work with precision skill and professional-grade equipment to make every cut count. Many amateur companies don’t have the expertise to handle proper tree pruning procedures and may actually damage your tree more than help it in the process, leading to costly consequences. Our specialists ensure that your trees are not only trimmed accurately, but are also healthy year round, with the following benefits:

  • We ensure that weakened limbs are pruned before they damage property or become a serious safety hazard.
  • We correct overgrown trees by trimming excess branches for structural strength
  • Our experts inspect all trees to remove any burrowing insects or damaging fungi.

Not only do we have the experience to ensure the health of your trees, but we are fully licensed and insured so you have nothing to worry about. Having the proper knowledge of the vegetation in the Oklahoma area is important to correct treatment, so trust the most experienced tree pruning pros in town!

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Though we have specific knowledge to conduct accurate and precise tree trimming services, our company doesn’t stop there! With years of experience in all avenues of tree care, we provide our neighbors with a full range of services to ensure the health of your arbors. These other services include:

Whether you’ve got one or 30 trees to trim, we’ll take on all size projects with ease. And if we encounter any trees that won’t fully benefit from tree trimming, we’ll suggest tree removal to eliminate and potential danger. Leaving decaying or diseased trees on your property can lead to sudden collapse or spread of disease to surrounding vegetation. Regardless, your trees will be in perfect condition once we’ve worked on them! Best of all, we offer affordable pricing for all our tree services! You’ll get the results you want without paying a fortune!

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Our customers all receive a 100% complimentary service estimate so there are never any hidden charges. Contact us today via phone at (405) 757-0455; or email us at edmond@premieretreeservices.com, or by contacting us via the contact form. Our staff is available to answer any questions you might have about your proposed project. We take excellent care of your trees and excellent care of you!

We proudly serve the greater Edmond area and zip codes 73003, 73012, 73013, 73025, 73034, 73083, and beyond!


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